Digital media revolution and the burgeoning demand for digital content has put publishers in an impasse, demanding that publishing goes through a major shift and adapt to the growing urgency for modernized publishing systems and processes. Recent trends clearly indicate that acceleration of print to electronic distribution has reached an inflexion point and publishers are looking to transform their content profitably and urgently.

Publishers globally are recognizing that their content can be produced and distributed on many different platforms serving many different types of experiences, and giving the consumer choice and control. Digital publishing recognizes that traditional methods are no longer sufficient, and fulfills the need for a content strategy that makes sure that the content is delivered to the right audience with better targeting across platforms through accelerated distribution.

While most commercially available technologies today have been embraced by major publishing organizations, the non-profit / association publishing sector has been lagging due to lack of technologies suitable to their needs and the urgency required to transform quickly. However, post the sudden surge in popularity of tablets and smartphones, the non-profit industry too has been challenges as their member base demands more sophisticated forms of content consumption as well as digital products, that are needed to be structured and monetized differently.

Digital Solutions for the Non-Profit Publishing Industry

INFOSCION Technologies helps non-profit publishing organizations define key digital delivery capabilities for their member-focused organization and low-cost technology requirements for supporting digital publishing. We work with non-profit and association publishers to ensure that their technical infrastructure can evolve into a scalable architecture that can support a digital business. Our scope of services includes helping publishers identify the right digital products and the associated transformation roadmap, program management processes and tools, content management, talent management, automated output and much more.

Our Solution

Professional members and customers are demanding a transition from traditional versions of print media to dynamic digital products that provide customized content, build a social fabric through managed communities of practice, and consume knowledge based value-added services. INFOSCION Technologies’s digital transformation services for non-profit and association publishers help revitalize their revenue growth by automating key functional areas. Our experts work with non-profit publishing organizations to help them think and act digital, ensuring they are always driven by business benefits. We help them manage change and advice to create social, collaborative, and customer centric cultures.

Infrastructure components

  • Cloud hosting & storage options
  • Managed data center services 24×7 Remote infrastructure management
  • Member / Customer content technology service desk

Business Transformation Solutions

  • Organization re-design and advanced skills training
  • Content & information architecture
  • Business process and workflow re-design

Technology Components

  • Core Content Management: XML CMS / DAM / WebCMS, Taxonomy
  • Related Systems Implementations and Integrations: Association Management System (Member mgmt. / CRM, Rights, ecommerce), Social Networking, Financials, Analytics and more