Promize IT’s Delivery Models

Methodology – APDIMA

apdimaAPDIMA is a consulting methodology that has been strategically formulated to ensure that every task undertaken is executed with a commitment to quality and eye for detail. The APDIMA model establishes a service delivery structure of high value, enforcing critical attention at every step of delivering excellence. Besides, regular interaction with customers helps the team to follow the process efficiently. Conceptual analysis and planning are the initial steps of the process followed by solution design, implementation, post implementation management and regular auditing of investment protection and ROI.


botThe Build Operate and Transfer Delivery Model (BOT) has been developed for global organizations to commence and execute their operations in a limited time frame. The advantage for customers here is that they can enjoy the IT benefits of an established corporation and benefit from all the finest practices and processes undertaken by Promize IT for the client.

The BOT Advantage:

  • Set up and launch new venture with complete IT support with ease
  • Execute urgent IT requirements in limited time frame
  • Avail of the best skills and techniques developed for the organization
  • Secure knowledge retention and reduction of operational risks of sensitive processes
  • Opportunity to capture a considerable market share is a short period
  • With IT in place, attention can be given to the company’s core competence
  • Regulate capital expenditure of the organization
  • Cost effective outsourcing in the initial build out and operation period
  • Consultation

    Numerous organizations housing multiple IT initiatives for internal management of applications, require technologically sound skilled resources for specialized phases of application life cycles, as and how required. Omnitech has formulated a consultation service division to cater to the demands of such projects.

    This is executed with the provision of

    • Onsite consultants
    • Specialized skills and knowledge for
    • Software Development
    • Software Testing
    • Project Management
    • Functional Skills for divergent technology platforms