Today, infrastructure technology is fundamental for thenew age business demands and its growth. Therefore companies are looking at transforming their IT operations-by outsourcing data centres and virtualizing IT infrastructure without owning it. By leveraging the technology with a strong and complete support of data center management based on modern architecture, excellent processes and robust service delivery, companies can reap great benefits in terms of increased efficiency levels due to high performance, more reliability, higher productivity and therefore resulting in better profit margins.

Outsourcing such data centres allows organizations to control their investments with a flexible pricing as per usage, to decrease resources allocated to their IT expenditure including the physical space, energy consumption and human resources, thereby optimizing the budgets and reducing costs extensively. It also helps rapid provisions of IT operations, which results in higher quality of service for business continuity. It is a facility which is turing into a must-have in this dynamically challenging market so that the organizations can focus completely on their core business needs.

The Benefits are

  • Low Initial Investment
  • Reliable & Faster Internet Connectivity
  • Low Installiation & Operation Cost
  • Support 24×7
  • No Manpower required

With Date Center Scenario maturing, Promize IT does not compromise on the resources and thus, has a vast team of senior consultants who are knowledgeable in the field of data centers and also are ITIL certified and have 12 plus years of IT Experience.

Promize IT Offers following Data Center Services:

  • Consulting Services
  • Design & Engineering Services
  • Project Management
  • Monitoring, Operations and Control
  • Architectural Design Services


At Promize IT, while designing a datacenter we think:


This is the most important. If the customer is going to populatethe data center (which is always the case) the AC and power can be saved initially by taking modular approach. Also it benefits a lot if you take individual rack requirements calulations which can be measured in RLU(Rack Location Unit) instead of Using the feet/sq.feet approach.

Plan in Advance:

We consider the data center’s current as well as future needs and accordingly plan for the floor, Power, cooling, layout etc.

Keep it Simple:

Data center is a coordination of many vendors and activities. One can get lost in its complexity is it is not kept simple.

Be flexible:

The customers’ needs are dynamic and hence flexibility needs tobe taken into account.

Promize IT’s Unique Value Proposition for the Data Center Customers are delivered through Vendor Indpendent, Customer Center Approach, Providing a single Window for all solutions and above all value for your money.

We have alliances with APC-MGE, Emerson, Stulz, Honeywell, Siemens, Jonson Controls, NitinFire and all other manufacturers in the Data Center space. We provide Best Suited Solution for the customer.

With various parties for different products like Building Fire Protection and security space, customers often are left to battle with individual vendors while in Warranty and with AMC Support. But with Promize IT, you are assured these critical services are delivered not only in time but cost effective solutions without charging you a premium. We believe in creating longterm relationships with all our customers through our services.

Through alliances with world leaders like IBM, Borland, TASSC, CA, VERITAS, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Citrix, APC, and Intel we are in a position to deliver contemporary solutions every time – right at your doorstep. Value-added solutions that will help your organization achieve higher efficiencies, to prevail and prosper in the intensely competitive digital age.