Your Data Center Infrastructure Optimization (DCiO)

Promize IT is a team of full-service professionals providing Data Center infrastructure Optimization (DCiO) with 12 years of industry experience.

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We assist companies like yours with:

  • Consolidation
  • Colocations
  • New build data centers
  • Expansion of existing data center
  • Retooling of existing data center to meet demand and criteria
  • Buildouts


DCiO is the collection and strategic organization of everything that efficiently supports maximum information processing, which includes the best servers, cabinets and racks, management software, power, cooling, switches, and environment to operate the data center at its optimal level of performance. The emphasis is on meeting the demands of the operation for an extended period of time. Without these “Data Center Disciplines” in place, organizations run measurable risks:

  • 75% of all energy consumed is NOT renewable
  • 80% of data centers need to improve cooling and power efficiency
  • 50% of CRAC/H air does not reach the intended source
  • Poor airflow can cost you 60% of cold air
  • Heat density in centers is increasing 15% annually

In applying DCiO to your data center, the equipment not only runs, but it operates at peak and continued optimal performance.

  • Enclosure cabinets
  • Metered/switched rack PDU
  • Server access/management
  • Power/cooling parameters realized
  • Inrow cooling
  • Inrow UPS up to 250KW
  • APC modular UPS
  • Emerson smart aisle