Promize IT’s comprehensive DCiM offering provides the ability to centrally monitor and manage the data center physical infrastructure (power, cooling, and space) and the IT infrastructure (computing, storage and communications). This integration results in financial and operational benefits such as energy efficiencies, better capacity planning, proactive management, and increased availability.


What Can You Expect from DCiM?

  • Reduce day-to-day costs and time involved in operating and maintaining a data center
  • Proactively identify issues before they escalate into problems
  • Gain insight into asset/system performance to improve processes, increase productivity and maximize operational and capital resources
  • Model the data center’s configuration and status (all IT assets and physical infrastructure)
  • Create “what if” scenarios, allowing data center managers to explore different infrastructure configuration options before changes are made

Our DCiM Portfolio Includes:

  • Data Center Monitoring and Control Solutions
  • Data Center Planning and Management
  • Data Center Assessment Services
  • Precision Cooling
  • Rack PDUs
  • Leak Monitoring and Detection
  • KVM Appliances
  • Service Processor Managers
  • Serial Appliances
  • Network Connectivity
  • Air Flow Managemen
  • Data Center Racks and Enclosures