Promize IT’s Data Centre Consolidation

Consultants from our Data Center practice can help organizations to optimize your data center taking into account, server and storage consolidation, management as well as the introduction of a standards based environment. We have a strong focus on Green IT helping you take advantage of your existing space while reducing power and cooling costs and delivering IT services required for business growth. Our consultants are seasoned experts at designing strategies to optimize productivity and accelerate the development of business components. Working side by side with our customers’ teams, our consultants provide steady direction and sound technical expertise to plan the project thoroughly and keep it moving smoothly. At the same time, they transfer to your staff the wisdom they have accumulated from various data integration projects. Drawing on our proven, 12-year track record of innovation and leadership, Promize IT Technologies has defined the standard for system integration that has delivered competitive advantage and operational excellence to leading Global companies and government organizations.

Organizations typically look at data center consolidation as a way to manage expenses and reassert control over highly distributed environments. While these are great reasons, it is critical that an organization has a full understanding of what consolidation means, including the benefits, risks and potential challenges, to ensure a successful implementation.

To steer your organization toward success, consider these best practices to avoid common pitfalls and reap the benefits of consolidation we offer end-to-end solutions to provide a single source and point of contact for hardware, software, service and on-going support. Our Infrastructure Consulting can help organizations to maximize the value of your information technology investments and create an efficient, effective and scalable IT infrastructure.

We at Promize IT Technologies, help you strategically prioritize and deliver data centre modernization and consolidation initiatives that make your operations more agile, secure and efficient while lowering your overall costs.

Our service offerings address your needs with customized options & solutions including Consulting, Planning, Designing, Deployment and Management.

Our Service offerings are as under:

Proactive Monitoring and Management Services

We have all heard the old saying “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” but there are times when that may not be the best advise if you know something is about to go wrong. Advance proactive monitoring can often identify potential issues before they actually occur such as preemptive disk failure on critical server.

Data Centre Consolidation, Migration and Automation Services

We facilitate consolidation and relocation services designed to help you perform a successful relocation or consolidation on time and under budget. We use a multiphase, consulting-based approach to support smooth transitions and future-ready environments that enable you to deliver better performance to users. We can also help in migration by doing it faster with lower expenses and minimize planned & unplanned outages.

Virtualization & Cloud Services

We can assist you with all aspects of virtualization. Our range of services support the design, implementation, and management of virtualization solutions, enabling you to consolidate resources, manage workloads, automate processes, and optimize delivery with effective results.

IT Infrastructure Optimization Services

Taking a holistic approach, Promize IT Technologies develops an infrastructure optimization framework that spans the entire infrastructure lifecycle. This proven methodology helps you minimize risk and business disruption as you consolidate or relocate data centers, and we will work with you to develop customized models to fit your needs throughout the lifecycle.

“Green” Data Centre Services

Business success and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. We hear every day from customers who want to save money through more energy-efficient solutions for their data center and broader workplace, or find easier ways to recycle their technology to become more “green.” At Promize IT Technologies, we help our customers meet their most demanding technology challenges while at the same time helping them to reduce their environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency Assessment

An energy assessment, also known as an energy audit, is the first step to assess how much energy your infrastructure consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make it more energy efficient. An assessment will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time.

Managed Support Services

Promize IT Technologies Managed Support Services is designed to establish a single point of accountability and a simplified contract structure for multivendor hardware and software support throughout your data centers. We can streamline operations and helps reduce downtime through proactive guidance and advice, alleviates the management burden on IT, freeing resources for more strategic tasks, helps to improve reliability, efficiency and reduce costs

Infrastructure Designing and Deployment

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise we have the technical background to help design and implement your information technology infrastructure. Our methods always start with us listening to our customer and understanding your specific business need. Perhaps you are trying to expand your business. Or you are concerned about the stability of your network. Or perhaps you are trying to tackle a specific business problem and are wondering if your IT systems are a hindrance. We help our customers work through their needs, and fashion a solution that meets the needs of their business as well as their budget. Whether it is network, storage, server, or telecommunications we can help.

Key Benefits

  • Keeping up with business challenges
  • Improving service levels and availability
  • Minimizing the impact of external pressures
  • Less complexity and greater cost savings from reduced maintenance, staff and technology
  • Agility, scalability and flexibility
  • Streamlined incident and Event-Handling Processes
  • Increased Responsiveness
  • Data Centre footprint reduction
  • Increased Resource Utilization
  • Simplified Management