As a part of Promize IT Application Services, we are a trusted partner to our customers providing maintenance and custom application development services. The Omnitech development team works collaboratively with the customer organization’s technology and functional teams to achieve the common goal of making life easier for thier internal as well as external customers.

Our strong relations with technology partners enable us to provide innovative and latest technology based development and deployment platforms. Drawing on our rich experience in delivering successful custom development projects, we deliver a very efficient iterative SDLC methodology, which helps us in modular delivery to end users, incorporating feedbacks / suggestions, and providing better predictability in terms of quality, cost, schedule and feature coverage. This methodology has been mapped to our ISO certification and is supported with leading technology tools like Rational product suite, Microsoft Project manager.

We have also invested in developing frameworks for specific solutions, which can be leveraged by our customers for faster time to market. This framework provides many of the standard features for specific solutions, which can be enhanced / customized for rapid development and delivery of applications.